Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jolie Video Surfaces

Hot on the heels of a video of a young Angelina Jolie partying, a more recent secret video of the actress has surfaced. Taking place in a nameless restaurant that could only be identified by a pair of golden arches, the sloppy camera work eventually settles on the unsuspecting actress as she blurts out, "Oh, yea! Oooooh, yeeeaaah! I love noodles! With lots of cheese on them!" The camera is steadied, and films her looking around her table, gradually getting more and more frantic, until she angerily demands, "Where's my coke? Who's got my coke?"

Minutes later, a frustrated Jolie stands up and yells, "Dick! I want dick!"
A fat, ugly, bald guy quickly appears, holding a drink, which Jolie angerily takes out of his hand, and with her free hand punches the fat man out with a single right cross. Her final words on the tape are, "Dick Cheney, if you ever steal my Coca Cola like that again, I'll throw you in front of a bus!" Asked to comment, the restaurant manager said, "Cheney should have known better; Angelina's eatting for three people!" Considering Cheney's flabby gut, one could say the same for him.

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