Friday, July 18, 2008

Naked Angelina Jolie video alert

An email that promises a nude video clip of Angelina Jolie is the latest attempt by spammers to infect nasty spyware onto our PCs. The new spam email has an attached picture of the actress and a 'direct link' to Angelina's apparent nude movie. But, according to security firm Trend Micro, this 'Watch video' link instead directs users to an EXE file containing TROJ_DLOAD.DI. DLOAD variants. These typically download spyware onto computers.

The spyware steals usernames and passwords from the infected PC and sends them over to a remote location, where malware writers can retrieve them.
Attempting to lure in internet users with scantily clad pictures of naked celebs is not a new approach - emails promising to show youAngelina Jolie and fellow actresses Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman in a state of undress are common practice but usually hide a much nastier surprise of malware.

Joey Costoya, advanced threats researcher at Trend Micro, commented: "Tough luck for users who have found themselves too enchanted by the alluring Angelina Jolie. [They need] to exercise caution in dealing with their mail."

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