Thursday, November 27, 2008

Angelina Jolie is Not Pregnant. We Still Wrote a Story About It

Angelina Jolie is not pregnant, despite the numerous gossip rag reports coming out of Hollywood. (It must be pretty rad to get your name in the news for stuff you didn't do along with the stuff you did.)

According to Us Magazine, Jolie's rep, Geyer Kosinski, says that any pregnancy rumors surrounding the Changeling star are "not true".

Tabloids have been stirring the rumour pot with various cover stories on the possibility of a new Brangelina spawn. In Touch ran a story claiming Jolie had spilled the beans about being preggers in a London restaurant when she refused a drink from a waiter and announced it. The rag also claimed the actress pushed the filming of upcoming flick Edwin A. Salt forward so as to not disrupt the production-although Us Weekly confirmed that the film's schedule had not been changed.

While Brad Pitt told Oprah on a recent appearance that he and Jolie would "probably" add to their family, it looks like nothing is happening on the Brangelina uterus front at the moment.


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