Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Opposites Attract: Angelina Jolie Reveals New Body, While 200-Pound Oprah Disappointed

Perhaps Angelina Jolie is a part of the paid weight loss study that Angela Carson mentioned on Sunday as the sexy actress has bounced back with her killer new body. Do opposites attract? A 200-pound Oprah Winfrey says she is disappointed she allowed herself to lose control and allow her weight to balloon over the 200-pound mark.

Oprah is a close pal of Jolie nemesis Jennifer Aniston who showed that she has the best body of all when she finally slipped out of her bikini and showed off a really toned and hard body fully nude for GQ, wearing only a tie. We know Oprah can't, but can Jolie match that?
Since giving birth to twin Knox and Vivienne in July, Angelina Jolie has stepped up her fitness regimen. "She's working out like crazy - at least once a day - doing a lot of cardio," an insider close to the 33-year-old mom of six tells Life & Style. "She has been working really hard to get back in shape, although she still feels like she has a while to go to get the body she had before the twins."
And that entails cutting the junk food out of her diet. "She loved eating fatty foods like meat, fried chicken and pizza with the kids when she was pregnant," says the insider, according to the report. "Now she's but out the junk food and is monitoring her food intake closely." It shows, she looks fab, just not quite as good as Aniston and that GQ photo shoot.


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